Welcome to my little Paris food guide. I am obsessed with breakfast so you can find many cute cafés on my list and of course as well some nice places to go for dinner or drinks. If you need any further recommendations, just leave me a comment. Bon Appétit!


kei (3)Friends from Mathildas playgroup told me about this restaurant as they as well appreciate Japanese food a lot. Recently this great chef earned his second star, but prices have still remained in the “1-star-area”. Also when we came and we saw, what crazy products he used for the 9 course menu, the prices were totally reasonable for a 2 star restaurant.

kei (7)This restaurant was simply AMAZING. This is the best restaurant, that my husband & I have eaten in so far in Paris. It is basically haute French cuisine with great Japanese influences. Every single dish was breathtaking and a pure beauty to look at and to taste. One of his signature dishes is “the salad”. I am normally never a fan to eat a salad in a restaurant as I can always imagine more “pleasurable” dishes, but this dish was super delicious. kei (8)Kei hides underneath the foam 20 vegetables and a tomato based sauce and the mixture of everything together is pure harmony. The beef you can take as an option as a main dish matured for 6 months (which you basically never see). kei (6)This chef is about crazy products, pure perfection and the marriage of surprising tastes. I do not understand how he only got the second star so recently. And in my opinion he deserves the third one as well.

The sommelier was a super friendly and funny guy, that made the experience even more positive and the rest of the staff was also very professional and friendly.

I would definitly recommend this restaurant to any Asian food lover and also if you are celebrating something important. Bon Appétit! Go to Kei, 5 rue Coq Héron, Paris.


peonies (8)My little sister sent me a post from this lovely café on Instagram and I just knew immediately that I had to try it. Peonies is located at 81 rue du Faubourg Saint-Denis in the 10th, which is not the prettiest neighbourhood, but the food makes you do the trip anyways.

If you look at their Instagram, you start dreaming and you are also getting verrrrry hungry. This week I went there with a girlfriend and the food did not disappoint us.

My matcha latte was heavenly and then we shared the Tartine d’avocat &  the matcha pancakes with lots of yummy fruits and flowers. The pancakes came with a very light coconut cream foam, which tasted delicious and I had never seen or tasted something like this before.


The interior I have to say was pretty simple and not as flowery as you would have expected from their Instagram. Processed with VSCO with a10 presetThere was a small flower selection though from which you can make your own mix to take away.

So do not go in with great expectations about the flower shop and just concentrate on the food. Just thinking about it makes me want to go back there. At the counter they have also lovely baked goods which are all so pretty decorated with eatable flowers. Enjoy ladies. Bon Appétit.

Pink Mamma

Pink Mamma, 20bis rue de Douai, Paris

Pink Mamma belongs to the BigMamma-Group, which created several trendy trattorias and cafés all over Paris. I have been wanting to go for ages because the place just looked super cute, however at the same time I have been hesitant because it is not possible to reserve in the Mamma restaurants and I heard if you do not come early, you need to wait up to 2-3 hours to get a table (!!).

Ici, c’est Paris

Yesterday I managed to go with two girlfriends and the first one arrived at 19.15. As we were not complete (this is also important) we were seated at the bar, which was fine for us. This restaurant has 4 different levels and each one looks very dreamy and cute. People start queuing apparantly one hour before the opening to get seated in the top level, which looks amazing.

My cocktails (Ici c’est Paris & Big Mamma) were both delicious and food was also good. It is definitly a place with a good vibe, chilled music and great decor. My conclusion a must-go (if you manage to arrive early). Bon Appétit



Café Méricourt

cafe mericourt webseite
Café Mericourt, 22 Rue de la Folie Méricourt, Paris

This is a comfi Café in the 11th Arrondissement in Paris. I love the minimalistic white & green interior here (I am obsessed with the color green, incase you ladies didn’t know it yet) and from the moment you enter you feel right at home. Café Oberkampf belongs to the same owner and you can tell that he looooves food. Café Mericourt is bigger though than Oberkampf, so the kitchen offers a wider range of warm and also non-vegetarien options.

The shakshuka is here apparantly a classic (the dish on the upper part of the picture eaten by my friend). The Chai Latte was homemade and super delicious #yummy. The owner came to speak to me for a bit and was real “sympa”. A must-try in my opinion. The products are of quality and made with love.

Café Oberkampf

Café Oberkampf, as you can see it on the book “The New Paris”, is barely noticeable from the outside and is not a place for you if you are looking for a fancy ex & interior, but here the food alone is simply enough to convince you to come back again and again.

Café Oberkampf, 3 rue Neuve Popincourt
Tartine with avocado at Café Oberkampf
It was definitely a great surprise for me. The tartine with avocado – which seems to be now on every menu of every café – is far from boring and has amazing herbs and flavors. The Chai Latte, like in Méricourt, is homemade and super #tasty. Bon Appétit!

Arpège by Alain Passard

Arpège, 84 rue de Varenne, Paris

For some of you who are also Netflix addicts you might know this Chef from the series “The Chef’s Table”, where each episode is a documentary about an extraordinary Chef. Alain Passard makes your stay at his restaurant really unforgettable and my husband and I really had a great time. You can not only see his passion on tv, but you can taste it with every single dish, that is served to you.

The flavours are amazing and from the pictures, you can tell, Alain Passard’s menus are all about #VEGETABLES. He created for example a beetroot tartare and you actually have the feeling that you are eating a real french (meat) tartare.

IMG_7478 He managed to receive three stars for his cuisine, but what is truly surprising is, that he also managed to keep the three stars after basically changing his dishes from being mainly “meaty” to almost fully “veggie”. IMG_7544

Three star restaurants in Paris are very expensive, so I advise you to go at lunch time, that is how we did it. If you have a special occasion, this is definitly a restaurant, you want to think about. The staff was also young and friendly. Our waiter was actually very funny and you did not feel uncomfortable at all. The interior is a bit Artdeco style and maybe not the most modern, but what counts here is what is in front of you on your plate. #yummy

A bientôt & bon appétit!



pisco manko
My Pisco Sour at Manko Paris, 15 avenue Montaigne

I had wanted to go to Manko for a long time with my husband and some friends as on fridays and saturdays they have a great Cabaret show accompanying the dinner. But this starts from 23.00 so for parents this is not a easy task to accomplish #lifewithkids hehe. However, the normal restaurant and bar area are already so nice (and a bit Great Gatsby style), that this is more than enough for a great evening. The food was really heavenly and the waiter surprised us with a selection of the best dishes which were all amazing. I took the traditional pisco sour to accompany my dinner. For girls I suggest to take the pisco with passion fruit, which was my second drink and even better. The cuisine in Manko is Peruvian, which is an eclectic mix of so many different cultures. You can clearly taste the Asian influences. For me, this restaurant is a must go when you perhaps have a date night planned with your husband or you just need a fancy girls night out to clear your mind a bit. Enjoy!

Holybelly 5

When I tasted the Savoury Stack in Holybelly 5, I dreamt about it for the whole day and wanted to re-eat it for lunch and dinner. The combination of the pancakes with the bacon and maple syrup was mastered to perfection and was seriously #yummy. You often see Holybelly 5 mentioned on the pages of some VIPs and there’s a good reason for it. Enjoy & Bon Appetit!


For further recommendations of cafés and restaurants, check out my Story Highlights on my ThildainParis-Instagram Page. Gros bisous from Paris. xx