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1789 Cala

Processed with VSCO with a10 presetMy husband and I discovered this cute espadrilles (& summer clothes) brand in a pop-up store in Nice, the South of France, around 6 summers ago. Back then we were living in Nice & we really could not say no, as this brand just soaks up everything which the Côte d’Azur stands for. The espadrilles are however not even that expensive (when you think about the Côte d’Azur this could easily be the case hehe). Of coures they have more expensive leather options, but if you go for their cute traditional ones, they start at 35 Euros. Perfect to really use them to the fullest all summer and get new ones for the next season. My husband & I have tried different models (also love their special editions) and we cannot get enough of them. Check them out here ladies.


Britax Römer’s DUALFIX i-Size

britax4I would like to tell you about our new car seat for Mathilda. For Paul we were super happy with the first car seat and so when it was time with around 12-14 months to get the second size we bought back then the following model from the same brand, which features a big bar in front of the kids body.

With hindsight I have been super unhappy with this decision as when Paul was throwing some major tantrums last year he was able to get out of the seat by himself (what a pleasure when you are the only adult in the car) or first of all it was a few times impossible for me to even fasten the seatbelt around the bar. This included a lot of frustration and sweat. Also because of the bar, he has not a lot of space to play with little toys while driving.

britax2So I knew that I would get another car seat for Mathilda and I could not be more thrilled with the choice we made. I am basically in love with our new seat hehe and it is the DUALFIX i-Size of Britax Römer. Which I like as well is that my mother already used the same brand for all her car seats for my sisters and me when we were little.

It can turn 360 degrees, so it has forward and backward-facing positions and it is actually from 0-4 years, so there is no need to buy two car seats within a short period of time.

britax5When we were choosing back then for Paul the car seat we also talked to some close friends and I remember one friend told us, it is not necessary to choose a seat which can turn around, so again for Paul’s seats we did not have this option. But with being able to compare three car seats now I can tell you, that it is the most comfortable thing in the world.

Getting Paul in and out of the car includes a lot of bending over (and as a parent we all know that our backs are going through enough already at home). With the DUALFIX i-Size, I can turn it around to seat Mathilda or to get her out and it is so much nicer for your back and she enjoys it too.

So to recap: This car seat of Britax Römer safes you money, because you only need one seat and not two. It is super comfortable for Mathilda (it has a good angle, so she can sleep peacefully) and for the parent. And it comes in super cute colors.

I would say 10/10 points. Drive safely everyone!


Mathilda with her pink Herobility bottle


So I breastfed Paul for around 9 months and Mathilda for around 10 months and I had the same problem with both of them…that they forgot how to drink from a bottle (!!). I know that you often hear that once breastfed babies try a bottle they reject the breast, but for us it was the other way around and this also happened to a few of my girlfriends. So I basically had no freedom, both were completely dependent on me 24/7, even when I was sick or had for one single night a bachelorette party. I let Mathilda try a few bottles and nothing seemed to work until we discovered the Herobility bottles, which have the perfect shape for the baby’s mouth. When you look at them it just completely makes sense and I do not know why most bottles have such an unnatural teat. The herobility bottles now come in super cute new colors, which I unfortunately missed out on, but I have enough bottles for now #lol Check them out under Herobility.com
This is NO AD ladies, I do not get paid by Herobility, I just love their bottles. Here is a code for you to get free shipping: thildainparisfree .




Another product that has really helped us in this household are the non-slip socks and tights of GoBabyGo. They have also kneepads and leggins, so you can choose the product, that fits the season and size of your baby. With our very slippery wooden floors, Mathilda had troubles crawling and standing, so the cute tights, which come in different colours, are an every day help for us. Sometimes when I put other tights on because I might prefer another colour for an outfit, I will still try to put the gobabygo socks on top, so that she will not have cold feet and will not slip. Check them out! Bisous xx


Femme&Fierce Bangle – Revoke Studio


One of the bestfriends of my little sister founded her own jewelry & accessories company and I have become a big fan of what she does. Her products are young, modern, fresh, stylish and just a bit different, to what you already see online.


revoke b
Twillys – Revoke Studio


I love my “Femme&Fierce” bangle, which I think stands perfectly for what women and especially mothers have to do every day. #jointherevokesquad and check out their cute stuff on Revoke Studio. With the code laura15 , you will get 15% off from all purchases. Enjoy ladies. Gros bisous


I also love my new t-shirt from Cornerparisien. (I ordered and paid for it like all people do). They have really cute clothes which are a bit different kind. Very fashionable. I wish I had the budget to get more of their tops and blouses. Check them out. 🙂IMG-5187

As shopping with discount codes is way more fun, check out my Story Highlights on Instagram for current offers. Gros bisous. xx