Hello, my name is Laura-Isabella (just say Laura). I am a German mommy of two, married to a Frenchy, trying to raise little bilingual children here in Paris whilst all my family is in Germany. After being born and raised in Germany, I finished my highschool and university in London. Later I found my love in a club in Miami, what are the odds ?! Now we are living our lives here in Paris.
Once I became a mother, I noticed the strength and power of women when they rely on each other and help each other. For the first four months after Paul’s birth, I basically had no other mama friends around me. This was a tough period as I found myself counting every hour until the hubby came back home from work just so I could have some adult conversation or take a shower!  However, I then joined a community of international families here in Paris and I met other international mamas like me and it changed my life.  Women and especially mothers have to be strong & fierce 24/7 and so I want my site to be an exchange platform for old and new moms around the world. We are all in the same boat and even if we have different point of views, we can all help each other to become stronger, happier & a more balanced versions of ourselves.
So leave a comment, write me a message, connect with each other and let’s be strong together as women, mamas, future mamas, grandmothers and so on.




Greetings from Paris xx