Get ready for your holidays – 6 brands to make your summer complete

Hello Ladies, in case some of you are not ready yet for the holidays and you do not know what to pack into the suitcase for your little ones, let me make it a bit easier for you. I want to show you my six summer crushes. And as sales have started here in Paris, shopping them will be even more fun.


You have seen this brand of (sun) glasses quite a lot on my Instagram page lately. I think they do great designs -for adults and kids- and they are super affordable. Sun glasses are always so ridiculously expensive, but here come the super cool Izipizi glasses, which you can shop for 35-40 €. I find this a fair price for the value you get. Thanks Izipizi for showing us, that it can get cheaper and cuter.  And look at the adorable colors for kids. You just have to love them. Check them out here.


This is one of three bathing suit companies I will introduce to you in this post. Each company has a very different style, so I think you will find surely something, which represents your taste.

Canopea just calls for some holidays at the Italian Amalfi Coast. I love the colors of their suits and as well as their creative designs. Some of the girls’ bathing suits have a shape I have never seen before and I love it. I find the style of the girls line very classy and feminin and the boys shorts super timeless.

I definitly think their swimwear is a must have for this summer. Constance, the founder of this company put her heart into it and you can see it. Go to her website here.


If you have already stomach aches, when you think about a longer flight you have to take with your little ones this summer, you have to check out the Bedbox from Jetkids by Stokke.

We flew last summer with one Bedbox for Paul to the Domenican Republic (Mathilda could still fly for free on my lap) and it saved our lives. He slept through the night thanks to this amazing invention. It basically makes a bed out of the plane seat and it allows the kids to sleep in a comfortable embryo position. It is also a life changer when they are awake. It allows them to get up and look out of the window, they can play better and gather their toys around them.

We got for our many flights this summer a second one for Mathilda and they come now in three amazingly cute pastell colours. You definitly have to check them out and you can do that here. Just a little tip, check before online if the airline you are flying with is ok with them. And you should try to get a window seat. Have a good flight ladies.


Oh my god, you must look at the girls’ bathing suits of 14Juillet 15 Août. They scream Rock’n’Roll and Savoir-Vivre to me.

So beautiful and playful. I love the fabrics, that Anne-Cécile, the founder of this cute brand used. They make her collection very unique. I saw her stand last year at a pop-up store in Paris and fell in love immediately.

I say bravo to what she has created. I love her style and wish to see more matchy matchy boys shorts next year. Check her out here.


Applying sun lotion was rarely so much fun. The mimitika sun lotions come in super cute & modern packaging and revolutionize this industry not only with their looks. 100% made in France is special and stands for quality.

The idea of this young company was born out of the problem, that applying sun lotion is always the worst thing about summer and they wanted to make it more comfortable, less sticky and better for your skin. Children can use their sun lotions from 2 years of age. Check them out here.


If the above swim wear companies did not match your taste and you like to see more colors and animals on your kids bathing suits, then Happy Duck is exactly what you are looking for.

There are more flamingos, swans, ducks, giraffes and colors going on, but they still manage to stay classy, fun and cool. I also love the fact, that you can shop the same print for the daddies, so beach time this summer will definitly be unforgettable for you guys. Check them out here.

I hope that you enjoyed my little summery tips. I wish you all great holidays, if you are travelling far or staying home. Big hugs from Paris.

Laura xx

canopea blog post cover


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