20 Original Christmas Present Ideas for the Whole Family

 Christmas season is such a busy period of the year….you have to decorate the apartment, bake Christmas cookies, attend your companies and maybe some private Christmas dinners, buy all the presents and visit relatives. That is why I am always thankful, when someone takes a little bit off my plate. And I am planning to do this with this blog post for you hehe. Here are 20 original present ideas for the whole family. I divided the post in 4 categories: BABIES, TODDLERS, WOMEN & MEN. adventskranzDuring the last 18 months as mommy blogger, I have been lucky and have gotten to know smaller & more original brands, which I would otherwise have never known about. Also some ideas come from my family in Germany and others from my girlfriends here in Paris, so you can really find a crazy mix of different ideas for this season. And now HO HO HO, lets go…


LILOLUCKY – I have been obsessed with these leather moccasins since Paul started crawling. The founder of Lilolucky is the lovely Ann-Kristin and she makes sure, that all of her leather moccasins are 100% #handmadeinGermany. They are also completely toxic free and you can see, that they are made with love. What is relatively new is, that you can get your liloluckies personalized with the initials of your children. They exist for children from 0-6 years. Check them out here.

SACHA RÊVE – this dreamy company is run by a mommy called Alexandra. She started everything by herself in her apartment, where she still does most products on her own and where she imprints all the cute designs herself. She came up with two adorable cushions, which “tell stories” through their drawings (see picture below). When you order them you get the matching story delivered with the cushion, so you can read it together in bed with your loved ones. She has also other great decorative products, but my big favorite is her custom-made mousseline cloth (In German: Spucktüchlein, in French: lange), which you can personalize. One of the best newborn presents. Find her website here & her Instagram here.

MELLIPOU – When Paul was born, a close friend of my husband bought us one of the cute cloud mobiles, which played the funny tune “get lucky” by Daft Punk & Pharrell Williams – in a baby-version of course. They have many other great tunes and I saw while writing this blog post, that they have now even the GAME of THRONES tune haha. I already know, who I will order this for. I love, how original they are. Check their website out here.

BIOSERIE – I saw this brand at an event, I went to one month ago. They produce their toys out of vegetal plastics and are the first brand to obtain USDA’s 100% biobased certification, guaranteeing that their products do not contain any petrochemicals. You can really feel, how they are following a mission to produce less waste & toxic gases for our environment. Their toys are safe and easy to clean and perfect for the first two years of every childs life. Mathilda loves the colorful stacker and can do & undo it 20 times in a row (aka lifesaver) hehe. Check out where you can find their products here.

ENFANCE PARIS – This french cosmetic brand is producing cruelty free & vegan cosmetics for your children and also for the whole family. They are committed to protecting your children’s skin. They are not just excluding from their formulas the 1328 chemical substances banned in Europe, but also all those that are on the grey list. Their treatments are made in France in the respect of a traditional craftsmanship and with no synthetic fragrances. Great concept and their products also come in super cute packaging. Check them out here.


COROLLE – While “la maison Corolle” offers as well little dolls for newborns, I put this French doll manufacturer in this category, as I think this is when, the magic of having your first doll really starts. I still remember my first doll. I called her Marie and she is still in my parents house in Germany, where my nieces play with her regularly. There is something unforgettable about having your first doll(s) and I think every little girl (and/or boy) should have this magic in their childhood. Corolle was founded in 1979 and they never stopped to reinvent themselves. They have dolls with different sizes and for all ages. They even founded a “doll clinic”, where 500 Corolle dolls get their “medical care” every year. Click here, if you want to be the first, who buys your daughter her first doll.

BOOKS – Ok, this sounds like a boring option in this “original Christmas present blog post”, however there are some books, which are just so much fun and I want to share my favorites with you. The “superworm” exists in English and German (Superwurm) and I find it very entertaining. The Gruffalo (exists with the same name in French and with Grüffelo in German) is also great. Paul loves it. Finde it here. For the Frenchies I love two books. One is “Les Robes de la Reine” . It exists unfortunately not in German or English, but the great thing about this book is, that it is huge and within the pages you can open the different dresses of the queen. Must-have for little girls. For boys the equivalent is called “A l’interieur des gentils” – ” Inside of the good guys”. (It exists also with “A l’interieur des mechants”– the bad guys). Those books come as well in a huge format and you can open the little pockets & clothes of the good/bad guys of some well-known fairytales and see what they come equipped with. Another big favorite in this house are the different “Wimmelbücher”. I unfortunetly think there exists no such term in English or French. Wimmelbücher are books that come normally with no text and on every page is such soooo much happening, that everytime you look at them with your kids, you find a new detail. Also I find them great, because they work in any language, so they are perfect for multi-lingual families. If your kids love Peppa Pig, there is a great Peppa Pig Wimmelbook.

MILLOW PARIS – A very sweet French mommy of two – Ambre – founded this cute watch brand for kids with her sister. I love the pastell colours, that they are offering and I think it is a great present idea as there are not many beautiful children’s watches on the market. Go to their site here.

MAGNETIC TOYS – My sister offered this present to Paul. Before this, I had never heard or seen anything about these magnets, but now I am a big admirer. I just saw, that many different brands offer them. They are a lot of fun as well for adults and they help in great ways with your kids coordination, confidence and practical skills. You can basically built anything you want and in the little booklet, that comes with the packages, you can see examples and rebuilt them. Building up different objects can really light up the sparks of your childs imagination in the construction and inspire their love of science. Enjoy! Click here for a German option and here for a French option.

KLEINE PRINTS – My older sister is again responsible for this idea, as she created one of these cute books for Paul & one for Mathilda. They are custom-made baby/children books, where you can put all the family members in it. You and your little ones can look at the whole family on a daily basis. This is especially nice, when you do not see every one on a regular basis. Like this, your little ones do not forget their faces and names. They also have other funny products like memory games, calendars etc.  Check them out here.


PERSONALIZED SNEAKERS – I am sure most husbands will love this present. My husband came up with this idea for my birthday two years ago. He had ordered on the internet white Stan Smiths (this works I guess with any white leather sneaker and they actually can already be used as well). He then brought them to the Atelier Paulus Bolten in the 16th arrondissement in Paris and told Paulus to patinate/paint them in green (my favorite colour). Today my husband & I have used Paulus’s services for four different sneakers and also for a vintage leather handbag for me. This guy is an artist and I think this is probably the most unique present you can offer your partner. If you do not live close to Paris (even though I am sure, Paulus could send an order to you), you just have to find a leather expert close to you. Check Paulus’ website out here and his Instagram here.

CREDIT CARD HOLDERS – This is not the most original idea, but I see more and more men going “wallet-free” and they generally do not like having lots in their pockets. In France, it is very unsual to pay with cash and most things are paid with debit & credit cards, so I think this is the perfect item for modern men. Credit card holder exist for all budgets and from many different brands.

BARBER SHOP VISIT – Of course not every man has a beard, but those pleasurable and relaxing facial treatment/ hairdresser moments work just as well for beardless men. Every couple & family life gets stressful from time to time and very often, it is difficult to find some me-time for mothers and fathers. My husband loves to go to his barber shop, as they do as well some facial treatments and also massage the hands.  He says, that it is super relaxing and it helps him to relax and detach from work. Why does it have to be a female thing? Vouchers are not super creative, but with the right thoughts and present behind them, I think they are great.  Also while talking about vouchers. Why not contact your parents and ask them if they would babysit the kids for 2-3 days in the next months and plan a romantic get-away. Most couples, once they have babies, are in a negative, sleep-deprived, “you-slept-one-hour-more-than-me” circle, and all they actually need is more qualitative couple time. So planning a suprise trip might just be what you guys need.barbershop3

WATCH TURNER – For those husbands, who are into watches. A watch turner is a great idea, as it is fun to look at, prestigious and also helps not always rewinding the watch, after it has not been moved for a couple of days. They exist for all budgets.

SILLY DADDY PRESENTS – If the budget is just not so big this year, because family life has become pretty expensive, just buy something, which shows your love and appreciation. This could be a little coffee cup, which says “Best daddy/husband ever”, this could be a painting, you do with the feet & hands of your baby, this can be a personalized t-shirt etc. Just put the message one the object. It is not necessary to always spend a lot of money to show your appreciation. I have also a girlfriend, who buys her husband cleaning products for the house, to get a different kind of message through haha. Just be creative.


DIAMONDS ARE A GIRLS BEST FRIEND – The options I will talk about are really something for every budget, do not get confused by my headline hehe. So there is this great jewelry maker, which is located at 52 rue des archives in Paris. The shop is called PIERRE CARON Bijoux. Unfortunately they do not have a website, so this is just for the Parisiennes or those who are visiting. They do great gold & silver plated bracelets, rings, earrings and necklaces. And you can get a lovely piece for around 30-35 euros (like my bracelet in the picture below). Of course it can get more pricy by the size etc, but yeah I love this shop as I think this gives you an amazing price-value-ratio. Last week I also met the company JEANNETTE Paris. They had also super stylish jewelry for modern women and there prices were slightly higher then at Pierre Caron. They do luckily have an online shop. A more pricier option is VANESSA TUGENDHAFT. I saw the rose bracelet on a girlfriend and I fell straight in love with it. They are so elegant and delicate, that you look immediately like a princess. They have all kinds of different jewelry and collections, so check them out here. The cheaper bracelets start at 190 € and the rose one starts at 390 €.

MASSAGES – I personally do not have a great need to unpack a big present. The two times I was pregnant over Christmas I told my husband to get me a massage for pregnant women. It was the perfect present, because it is something I would not have bought for myself and it gave me a great relaxation moment just one month before giving birth. Now as well in a non-pregnant-state, I like to tell my husband to buy me for example facial treatments. I am always struggeling to have good skin and like this I combine a me-time-relaxing-moment with having better skin. Win-win-situation for everyone. For those, who live in Paris, you can write me a personal question, if you want the addresses I went to. 


71BIS KIMONOS – I met this brand almost one year ago and I found their ideas and kimonos so unique & stylish. If you have one kimono of this brand, I am sure you will stick out of the crowd in a very positive way. The kimonos are elegant and timeless – for outside or for home wear. They also have a lot of night wear products and cute accessories. Check them out here.

NOUS&PANAME – Paname means Paris for the French, so the name of the brand means Us&Paris. The two founders, a man & woman, are humble and nice people, that come out of the fashion industry. They thought, that they can make many things for mothers & families easier & prettier and so they did their own thing. Their leather bags are meant to be transgenerational and for men & women equally. I saw their changing bag and I have never seen a prettier one and neither one with so many useful gadgets. Wenn done Charlette & Andy. Check them out here.

MYJOLIBAG – This is especially a nice present idea for pregnant women. This company offers “pretty bags” with different kind of ethical and very qualitative cosmetic products. They have as well a bag for non-pregnant women and babies’ first year. Check them out here.


I have recently discovered the rooibos tea of the French tea house COLLECTION T. They have partnered up with the kids fashion lable Tartine et Chocolat to create this yummy tea. I have always loved tea. I am not a coffee drinker, but I was until now not really into rooibos teas. But this one is mild and just a great mix. It is also suitable for pregnant women and children, so it is perfect to make yourself  a cup-of-tea (as the English would say) in the afternoon or even evening, as it will not excite you. Click on the following link to check out the tea.



This is the end of my Christmas blog post about original presents. I am wishing you all wonderful & jolly Christmas. Lots of love from Paris xx



** The pharagraphe about the brand Corolle was sponsored.



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