10 tips on how to style your child ‘Parisian Chic’

Read along ladies and get your children the look of the City of Lights!

While living in Paris I noticed, that for the French it is very important to already dress young children in a classy & elegant way. Nevertheless, I usually let my 3 1/2 year old Paul choose his own silly t-shirts, as otherwise I get a huge tantrum in return, but also because I think, that one should let a 3 year-old be a 3 year-old and let him enjoy his little dinosaurs, Donald Duck & monster t-shirts as long as he is little. However, I find it very important (the French even more so hehe) to dress up for occasions, family gatherings, christenings and other events. I find it slightly easier to make girls look representable and cute on a daily basis, but whether you have a boy or girl, it does not matter, find below 10 brands, which I have personally gotten to know better in the last years here in Paris. I chose a wide mix for every budget and wallet size. Enjoy!


marsou2Marsou Paris is a very refreshing French label as it always collaborates with young designers or bloggers and gives them a way to express themselves and realize their first designs & dreams. I find their creations more than beautiful and you can put those cute little rompers (with some warm tights) just as much in winter as in summer. They fabricate in France and stand for quality and ethical production.  Check them out here

Les Enfantines Paris

When you enter one of the two Les Enfantines boutiques in Paris, you feel like you are in a fairytale. You are surrounded by beautiful clothes with pretty prints, collars & other details.

The website does not even do the beauty of the brands unique and qualitative clothes justice. If you are in Paris, go visit one boutique if you can. And if you cannot visit anytime soon, check our their cute creations & present boxes on their site. I find this brand perfect for offering newborn presents.


Camille, the “très sympa” founder of risu°risu tries to be an example for many, not only does she try to show her family, how important it is to eat healthy and to put the focus on organic and regional products, but also produces ecological fashion herself now.

She does not want to be close to fashionable phenomena. She simply wants to put the focus on comfortable clothes, made out of organic cotton and dyed with ecological colors, that we could even eat !! After living and travelling Europe with her family, she made stops in Spain, Italy & Germany. All her clothes are made and dyed either in France, Spain or Austria. I like her concept and think it is worth to support. Well done Camille! Check risu°risu (which means in Japanese squirrel) here.


Founded in 1977 by Catherine Painvin, this French fashion brand for children has become a real institution. I have been lucky and was invited to two presentations of the new collections of Tartine et Chocolat and I was seriously stunned by the details, precious fabrics and love for beauty of this brand.

TartineetchocolatIf my wallet would allow it, I would dress Paul & Mathilda only in this brand. Every piece represents in my eyes pure beauty. This is clearly the most expensive choice of my blog post, however if you need a special piece for a birthday, christening or Christmas this is the place to go to.

Bravo Tartine et Chocolat (and their cute name comes from the obsession of the founder with the afternoon snack time of children, which I think deserves thumbs up hehe).


Now we are shifting from a huge international company to a one-woman-show of dear Élise. You will obviously not find a huge collection on her IdeesaLise Instagram-site as she is doing all by herself in her studio, but she perfected a few super adorable pieces.

I loved all summer the cute mint-green romper Mathilda was wearing and I just adore those cute collars she puts with love on her creations. She custom-makes everything for you. Just tell her the model and colour you would like. Check out Idees à Lise.


Ok ok I know, that Trotters is far from being Parisian and even further from being French at all, but it is such a cute English brand, that even Princess Kate loves it and dresses her children in their creations.

Their oh so English clothes are just adorable & elegant and I wish I could visit their boutiques more often, but of course they have luckily as well an online shop. Check them out here. But if you are in London, you really have to go there. They also do fun haircuts for children and they also have shoes.


I find it sometimes pretty hard to match shoes to outfits, but this very classical French brand makes it easy and gives your kids an elegant and timeless look. Two mothers, one French and one Chinese gave another live to the shoe brand, which was originally founded in the 60s by one of their grandfathers.

Those two mothers found it hard to find qualitative and classical shoes for their children, so they thought, that they will do them themselves. They design the shoes in Paris, then they are created in Spain and you can shop them online here. Bravo to those brave mothers and to Cendry.


The 8th recommendation of this blog post only concerns girls (sorry to all boys-moms, but maybe you do need as well a Christmas present for your nieces, god-daughters etc). I want to show you a cute mini-brand, which is as well a one-woman-show & run by a mother-of-three.

She handcrafts all these cute little bows herself. You can choose the colours and sizes you like and she will make you a custom-made package of your choice. Send her a private message on her Instagram account for all orders. I find the price-value-ratio great and Mathilda is fully equipped for the next months with the cute bows of SophieLavenas.


Now I want to finish this blog post with two nightwear brands. In the beginning of a child’s life, pjs are so super important and sometimes worn 24/7. So come and discover those two cute Parisian pyjama brands. Jim Jam Paris is also run by two mothers, one German & one French. I find their “jimjams” (another word for pjs) very classic and elegant. They make them from organic cotton and they also can be personalized.


Brai is run by a very funny and lively French maman here in Paris. She stands not only for funny & creative pyjamas, but also for accessories, blankets and other decorative items.


I took one of her amazing blankets as a new-born present for friends. I thought it was very original and not what everyone else buys. Mathilda also loved her cute little deer pyjama, which was also made from organic cotton. Check Brai out here!

Ladies, this is “already” it. I hope, that you enjoyed this blog post. It was definitely the most intense one, that I wrote so far hehe. Let me know, which brand you liked the most.

Have a good day.

Laura xx

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  1. Hi there, actually you are spot on with your Trotters recommendation as Sophie Mirman, the founder, is French but was raised in London. Greetings from London from one German mum with a French husband to another, Silke

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