The day… that Paul was born

Well in my opinion everything started on a Friday night out with my husband and my French mother-in-law…

We went that Friday (I was 38 weeks & 4 days pregnant) into the centre of Paris to eat one of the best pizzas you can find here ( the restaurant is called O’scia in the 2. Arrondiss.). So I was eating  an amazing & huuuge pizza and then they have there as well a forbidden yummy Nutella dessert, which of course we had to eat as well.

┬®agnes colombo-photographe bebe a domicile levallois-perret-paul-44On the way back in our car – I was about to burst and felt totally uncomfortable in my skin – my mother-in-law noticed, that she is out of cigarettes (!!) and in France it is not easy to find the shops where you can buy them. My dear husband tried to be a nice son and drove through Paris to find a tobacco shop for his mother. But when we reached the Champs-Elysées, which is a cobbled road at some parts, I was about to lose my temper (even though I am normally very calm), as I kept wobbling in the car with a huge bump and no more space.

Well we did not find cigarettes in the end, but we returned without an explosion safely home. The next morning we had on top a super yummy brunch booked (lol yeah I know), so there was even less space in my body. 🙂

IMG_0627I woke up on Sunday morning (38w+6d)  at 6 am to go to pee and I realized that I had now for over a day a slight doubt, if I might be loosing amniotic fluid. But I was convinced that I am not, otherwise I would have of course gone straight to the hospital. But again I found myself with this doubt and as I no longer wanted to take a risk I woke up my husband and started crying “I THINK WE NEED TO GO TO HOSPITAL “.

I was a bit shocked as I had been expecting to relax two more weeks, so I can mentally prepare myself for the birth. Now you ladies are saying, why two more weeks, as normally pregnancies are around 40 weeks. Well the French ( I think the only nation in the world) count 41 weeks of pregnancy so I had put my internal clock on French time and not German.

Sorry for the socks, but I had cold feet 🙂

We drove to the hospital and they indeed confirmed that I must have a tiny hair-line crack in my amniotic sac. ( thanks cobbled road on the Champs Elysées), so from this point it meant staying in hospital and taking antibiotics every 8 hours to prevent bacteria from rising to the baby. Furthermore they saw, that I have already contractions and that I am 1cm dilated and I thought wow this will be a cakewalk, if I did not even feel the first cm and I will be rocking this without epidural (this was my bigmouth mind talking to myself and I was toooooootally wrong lol).

A few hours later around Sunday afternoon, the contractions started to really hurt, but I could take them well until the evening. During the afternoon my amniotic sac had burst by the way completely. But still in the evening and now with lots of pain I was only at 1 cm dilation. I think it was also bad timing that it was the Sunday evening shift, so they did not want to speed things up and told me, that “I should try to sleep and if nothing happens until tomorrow morning, they will induce me”. During the night I had super strong contractions every 8 mins and sleeping was impossible. At 7 am I again woke up my husband and told him I could no longer take this and he needs to tell the nurses that they need to give me something. One nurse came to check on me then and I was STILL after a WHOLE NIGHT of strong contractions at 1 cm and she told me frankly, that nothing will happen with me until the shift change at 8 am. At 9 am finally they put me a little thread-like thing “down there”(!!)  and this was meant to speed things up.

┬®agnes colombo-photographe bebe a domicile levallois-perret-paul-84I really could not take the pain anymore by this point. I felt my contractions in my back, which apparently 25% of all women do and it is soooooo painful. I was about to vomit, but they only wanted to give me the epidural when I am around 3-4 cm dilated. At 14 oclock on Monday I was so exhausted, that I told them that I want the epidural anyways I do not care if I am only at 1 cm and who would have thought, when the nurse checked in that moment I was suddenly at 3cm. Yiiippppppppieh!!  So everyone was happy and I received the epidural, which was a life-saver for me.

My husband had to leave for this procedure and when he was aloud back in the delivery room, I noticed that I am beginning to faint (my gynecologist told me a few months later, that this was probably a reaction from my body as it was already quite exhausted). My husband though saw at this moment not only me, but also the machines, which are connected to the baby and apparantly the heart of Paul began to fall drastically with my fainting effect.  I do not even remember, what language I spoke, because I have no idea how to say “I am fainting” in French, but the nurses reacted so quick it was unbelievable. They injected me something and just before everything went black before my eyes, my sight came back and everything started clearing up again. I have to say a big bravo to the nurses.

IMG_0710Then everything calmed down and I was relaxed and told my husband to go home and take a shower and if something important happens, we will call him and he is back in 15 min. So he went home to shower and shave his beard as he wanted to welcome our baby with a fresh face.

But as the birth had already been going on for quite a while, our little Paul became a bit tired and with every contraction the heartbeat began to drop a bit. One time -I was not even aware of this- the nurses became so worried, that they called my husband that he needs to immediately be present in the delivery room. They did not tell him why, so he left our apartment half shaven and with an open shirt to return back to the hospital. (poor daddies have to go through a lot as well hehe)

IMG_0713So at this moment when they called him, they were about to decide for a c-section, but the doctor on call decided, that we will make it naturally. When we reached the pushing-phase, which I perceived as super short, max 10 min, the nurse told me, that his heart is so tired now, that he needs to be out with the next push, otherwise the doc needs to come with the forceps. Well unfortunately he was not out with the next push, so the doctor came with the forceps and so 36 hours after arriving in the hospital our little star Paul was born  on Monday evening at 19.34 with exactly 39 weeks and 3350 gr and 49,50 cm tall. He had unfortunately from the forceps big red marks on this head, but he was doing fine and after 3 nights in the hospital we could all return back home. 🙂

Thanks for reading up on our adventure with Paul. Mathildas birth story will follow soon and you find the German versions published by the MummyMag here

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